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We'd like to know what are More Important Things for your tax dollars.  Please email your comments as to what you would prefer to spend (or not spend, if you'd just like to see a tax cut) at the feedback hyperlink and we will add your thoughts to The List.  Be as specific as you would like.  We would like to print your name with your wish.  Others who are allied with us may disagree with your priorities; nevertheless, we are all in agreement as to what should grace the very bottom of the list.  

Though we may be in agreement with you depending on the object of your diatribe, we will refrain from publishing obscenities or patently offensive material.


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Publicly funded daycare, preschool, kindergarten, and free after school enrichment programs and facilities for all kids, throughout the State of Washington.  Estimated cost equal to about one stadiums' annual debt service.  posted by Chris Van Dyk, 02/18/2006

The state Office of Financial Management reported on its Web site Friday that 1,546 qualified students couldn't find a place to study at a Washington public college or university in fall 2005.  reported Seattle Times, Sunday, 02/19/2006

Repair or rebuilding, at Seattle Center, of the Center House, Memorial Stadium, Mercer Arena, and other venues, including arts education centers throughout Washington State,   Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata, 05/01/06

Seattle Chamber backs streets levy in surprise move  "The resolution also recognizes the city's need to spend more on street paving and maintenance, bridge repair and tree trimming. The city faces a $500 million maintenance backlog, which Mayor Greg Nickels and the City Council blame on reduced state funding and voter-approved tax-limiting initiatives."  Seattle Times, 09/30/2006

Ongoing operation and maintenance of at least 10 Seattle elementary schools currently slated for closure.  Chris Bennett, Seattle Facts & Medium, 09/15/2006

Streets, buses, extending light rail, the 520 bridge, viaduct repair, even the mayor's tunnel fantasy....I was pretty surprised that the school funding initiative in seattle did not pass.... If people in seatttle oppose raising taxes for schools, i can't believe they would support giving tax revenue to the sonics.  submitted by Greg Buck, 09/23/2006

Kent ballfield preservation  submitted by Dan Grant 09/25/06

Health equity and health education for the people of Seattle and King County.  Susan Johnson.  submitted 10/02/06

Already hundreds of thousands are dead, and millions of men, women, and children have been displaced from their homes. But if our leaders make Darfur a priority, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved.  David Rubenstein,, 10/08/06

Affordable downtown housing.  submitted 10/09/06, Doug McIntosh, Oakland, California

Additional funding for Transit Now proposals!  submitted by Chris Van Dyk, 10/10/06

Additional funding for Bridging the Gap (Seattle road repair proposals)!  submitted by Chris Van Dyk, 10/10/06

How about posting any action that CMIT has done towards ACTUAL 'More Important Things' This initiative sounds good, but what has this organization ACTUALLY done?? Fundraisers / Volunteer work / donations?? submitted 10/09/06 by [no name given]   Webmaster response:  Working with Councilmember Nick Licata, Citizens for More Important Things has developed a comprehensive proposal for Seattle Center, utilizing the tax dollars that the Sonics wanted to keep entirely for themselves at KeyArena.  That proposal  provides significant programmatic improvements, and facilities upgrades to many more buildings, at the Center than just KeyArena.  That 'compromise' proposal was turned down flat last spring by the former Sonics' owners representatives--because it did not give the Sonics all the $200 million that they wanted... separately, supporters of Citizens for More Important Things work daily in many levels of government, and civic activities, to make things better for all of us, from school board committees to positions of leadership at the Seattle City Council and other local governments, businesses, and in the State Legislature.  That is perhaps why Citizens for More Important Things are so keenly aware of the need to reallocate pro-sports tax subsidies to "more important things."

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