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Opposition to House Bill 3233 and Senate Bill 6849

The following individuals, groups, media commentators, companies or elected officials indicated opposition to tax subsidies for rebuilding Key Arena, specifically the proposed extension of the restaurant sales tax, the hotel/motel tax, and the diversion of King County sales taxes called for in House Bill 3233 and Senate Bill 6849.   

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36th District Democratic Party Organization, representing the Legislative District including Key Arena. Key Arena/Sonics Stadium Resolution.

Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle

SEIU 775, Washington State’s Long Term Care Union

Washington Association of Churches

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Newell Aldrich

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Mark Baerwaldt, Co-Chair, Citizens for More Important Things; Private Investor

Gail Chiarello, Treasurer, 46th District Democrats

Dale Cordner

Shaiza Damji, Vice President & General Counsel, Northgate Hotels

Martha Dye-Whealan

Darlene Fairley, State Senator

Maggie Fimia, Shoreline City Council

Ken Jacobsen, State Senator

Kent Kammerer 

Nick Licata, Member & President, Seattle City Council 

Paul Loeb

Chad Lupkes

Frank Lufkin

Linda A. Massey

David Meinert, Fuzed Music

Rich Morrisey, Shoreline

Colette Norby-Slycord, Redmond

Kent O'Neil, Bellingham

Kathy Panciera

David Pfeifle, Lynnwood

Jeff Reifman

Phil Rockefeller, State Senator, Majority Assistant Floor Leader

John Scannell

Jan Simon, CEO, Washington State Hotel & Lodging Association

Dan Stevens, West Richland

Dean Takko, State Representative

Chris Van Dyk, Co-Chair, Citizens for More Important Things; Principal Owner, Bainbridge Media Group

Jeanne Van Dyk

Robert Wechsler

Michael Weinstein

Alice Woldt, former Chair, King County Democrats

Beverly Wood, State Representative

Armen Yousoufian 


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If taxpayers (or their legislators) give away tax revenues to subsidize professional sports, where is the marketplace discipline on costs (viz. players' salaries) that the rest of us face every day? If Schultz (or any pro-sports owner) wants public money to ease their way, perhaps the public should enjoy a share of the profits when they come.

Rich Morrisey, Shoreline



The state should also have its eyes wide open to the possibility the Sonics could use a tax extension to play Seattle against Bellevue. It's quite possible that, with Belltown, lower Queen Anne and south Lake Union becoming more densely populated, Seattle Center needs open space more than it does yet-another version of KeyArena.

Seattle P-I, February 19, 2006


The Seattle SuperSonics ought to swap their funding proposal to renovate KeyArena for a realistic plan that has more investment from team owners....

It should be easy for legislators to reject this bill. Not only does it create a new tax — the extension of a tax set to expire is the same as a new tax — it changes the relationship between the Sonics, the Seattle Center and Seattle. All funds from the tax will be collected and distributed by King County. KeyArena belongs to Seattle and its future should be determined by the city and its long-time tenant.

Seattle Times, February 19, 2006



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