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We know it sounds hopelessly idealistic, but we see it every day in dealing with elected officials.  Your voice counts!  Squeaky wheels who have done their homework get noticed and have a tremendous impact on public policy.  Especially if you have something as powerful as Initiative 91 to get counted with.

Let the decision makers know what you think.  And if they don't listen, come election time, work or volunteer for someone who does.  Or run for public office yourself.  Active supporters of Citizens for More Important Things have been elected to the Seattle City Council, the Washington State Supreme Court, the King County Council, the Spokane City Council, and local school boards, and have advanced to leadership positions in the Washington State Legislature.  

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They need to hear from you today!  Every day, decisions get made that move pro-sports tax subsidies along.  Remind your elected officials that support for tax subsidies for pro-sports flies in the face of tremendous public opposition.  Remind them, with signatures on Initiative 91!


Directory of Decision Makers

Washington State

State House of Representatives

Speaker of the House Frank Chopp

State Senate

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler

Superintendent of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson

State Treasurer Michael Murphy

Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen

Governor Christine Gregoire

City of Seattle

City Council

City Council President, Nick Licata

Office of the Mayor

King County

County Council

County Council Chair Larry Phillips




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