At Citizens for More Important Things, we do our best to listen to the arguments of the other side, and thought it possibly fruitfull to make those arguments available generally.   Here are a selection of the comments that have been made to us.  In the interest of accuracy, they have been reproduced verbatim.  Where contact information has been given, we have included it.

from  "I think it's sad that cities like Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA will have a basketball team, but one of the most "progressive" cities in the nation will not. Good luck spending that money on more important things. In case you haven't noticed, nothing important ever gets done, or gets done right in this city."  11/11/2006

from Dan Afflerbach at "Hey, good idea, let's run a buisness out of town that helps other buisnesses in the area generate tax revenue that could actually do ore important things. Lets run out of town a business whose employees donate and generate millions of dollars for local charities. Lets totally let a the Seattle Center go to pots because there is no revenue there to help improve it. The 200 million dollr is an investment not an expense you dumb moron. Lookat the baseball and football stadiums, sure millionaire players and owners benfit but so does the city and county coffers. Get your head out of your ignorant ass!!!"  11/11/2006

from Dean Crabs at  "I happen to agree that taxes should not support pro sports. But your position that because Seattle did it, everyone else should is the peak of arrogance."  (The taxes that pro-sports supporters seek to impose would apply to all of King County, including Seattle, not just the suburban city that got a new arena.  That seems to us to be the height of arrogance--sticking Seattle with taxes that Seattle had voted against, to build a stadium in yet another city.)